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The New House

First-Time Buyer

Secure your first home feeling confident and well-informed

Lean on our experience to make the right decisions

You’ve saved the deposit (hooray!) and are ready to get on the property ladder! You’re savvy enough to know that Googling “best mortgage deals” isn’t a great way to secure the right mortgage and protection. 


Plus, there are all sorts of deals and schemes to help those purchasing their first home, but they change… often. 


So, you’ve recognised the importance of getting good advice when it comes to buying property, which means you’re already way ahead of those who aren’t seeking independent advice.


It’s a big commitment and a lot to try and tackle alone and with little knowledge. So, getting the right advice can make a huge difference to your stress, hassle and finances for the next few years, and that’s where we come in.


We help and guide you through the whole process with care and diligence. We hate jargon and will keep everything clear and simple, making sure you feel confident every step of the way.  

 Am I a first-time buyer?

You are a first-time buyer if you have never owned or leased a residential property before and are buying your main or only property here in the UK. 


Maybe you don’t have a full deposit at this stage and are just considering options. Great! This is the perfect time to get in touch as we can take a look at your current situation compared with what you want to achieve and then give you tailored advice on how to get there. 


Lenders all have different criteria, so if you know what you’re aiming to meet, it makes life a lot easier than when you just wait and see what you can get.

Breakfast at Home

What’s the process of working with UR-Mortgage? 

The unknown always feels a bit daunting, and we understand the uncertainty that comes with taking such a big step in life. So here’s a basic overview of what working with us looks like…

UR-Mortgage Process


You turn up and say, Dave, I’m ready… I want to get on that property ladder! We have a free, no-pressure, no-obligation chat so you can get to know me and decide if I’m the broker for you.

If you decide, yep, I like this fella, let’s go for it, the next step is…


I say, ok then… let’s take a closer look at your situation and your goals, so we can get a real idea of what’s doable and when.


I then go away and crunch some numbers and do some research, ready for the next step… 


You’ll be presented with a few fully explained options so you can make the right choices to reach your goals and protect your home and family as much as you can.

If you decide to go with one of the options and you’re ready now, we’ll apply to the chosen lender for an agreement in principle. This is a pre-approval of an amount they are willing to lend and allows you to go house shopping!


Once you find a house and have your offer accepted, we take care of the rest to get the mortgage (and your new home) secured, provided it meets the lender's requirements. We’ll liaise with the lenders, solicitors and agents on your behalf to take as much hassle and stress out of the process as we can.


Throughout this process, you always have us at your side offering help and advice, answering ANY and all questions and ensuring you understand are are happy and confident with everything. 

Buying a House

Get on the property ladder today.

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