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About  Us

From first-time buyers to remortgages to buy-to-let portfolios, and whether you’re employed or self-employed, we take the hassle, stress and jargon out of the whole process, so you can spend your precious time on the things that matter most with peace of mind that your mortgage and protection will be right for you and taken care of by experienced hands.

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The man behind UR-Mortgage

Back in 2007, when the mortgage scene was like something out of Wolf of Wall Street, a bloke called Dave was going through a divorce and having to get a mortgage on his own. 


Dave noticed there were too many greedy brokers who cared more about profits than their customers. So, as a caring old soul, fed up with the long hours and stress in his job as a logistics manager, Dave retrained as a mortgage advisor so he could do things differently. 


When the recession hit in 2008, Dave, the rookie advisor, saw first-hand the devastating impact of poor decisions, which helped shape and cement his existing drive to put people first. 


Dave has been offering a fully customer-centric, down-to-earth and friendly service ever since. Taking the time to understand you, your current situation and future goals to find the right products and keeping it simple and jargon-free throughout so you have clarity at every step. 


Today, these values drive UR-Mortgage, and Dave is still keen as mustard to cut through the nonsense and offer straight-talking advice on your mortgage and protection.

Catherine Page

"David has been incredibly supportive and patient in equal measures with the entire process."


"Total professional throughout and knowledge is phenomenal. Dave is a legend who has helped my family massively."

Chad Freeman

"David was so easy to work with and is there every step of the way on your journey." 

Dave, the man, the myth, the… DJ!

When he’s not helping folk navigate choppy financial waters, you’ll find Dave at his mixing desk, spinning some old-school tunes into a fresh new mix. 


Dave lives in Sandbach with his wife and a collection of small dogs, the most notorious of which is Babington V the 1st. You can find Babington doing some myth-busting over on our socials.

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