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Your current mortgage deal is due to expire and there are so many options out there. What suited you last time may not suit your circumstances today. Home improvements, debt consolidation or simply looking for a better rate, with access to the Whole of the Market, we’ll find the best product for you.

Top Tips when Remortgaging

  1. Be prepared – Find out when your current deal is due to end. Start looking for a new mortgage three to six months before your mortgages product ends.

  2. Shop around – Don’t feel that you have to stick with your current lender, you may be able to find a much more competitive rate than what your current lender is offering.

  3. Look at the overall cost – If you simply want a better deal, compare what your new repayments would be, plus your existing monthly costs, to decide if you will be better off. If you’re looking to borrow more, again make sure you look at the overall costs of the loan. Include the cost of any arrangement fees on the new mortgage deal as well as exit penalties from your current mortgage.

  4. Consider the other features – some mortgage products come with features such as over-payments, the option to take payments holidays, etc. Consider how many features of the mortgage will meet your needs.

You should use remortgaging as an opportunity to review your insurance needs.

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For expert remortgage advice look no further than Ur-Mortgage. Our team of experienced professionals deliver exceptional service from start to finish. It is massively important for homeowners to regularly review their mortgage. This is due to the ever-changing nature of both the financial situation of our clients as well as the mortgage market itself.


Based in Sandbach, Ur-Mortgage provides accurate advice for any of your remortgage decisions across Cheshire. We understand that each and every client has unique circumstances and therefore aim to tailor our advice to best suit the customer's specific needs. This allows our customers to receive the most effective mortgage for their circumstances.


Remortgaging can be the appropriate decision for individuals in a wide range of financial circumstances. There is a multitude of reasons why our clients may look to remortgaging a property. Some of these include:

  • Securing a new mortgage rate

  • Free up capital

  • Speed up mortgage process

  • Change mortgage type

  • Financial circumstances have changed


We help to provide accurate and informed decisions on whether remortgaging is right for you, the complex nature of mortgages means expert advice is highly recommended when making this decision. We pride ourselves on delivering a high-quality service whilst maintaining a competitive price, this makes our services cost-effective considering the potential large financial benefits of finding a more appropriate mortgage.

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