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Self Employed Mortgages.

You have worked hard to be your own Boss managing the day to day and making sure your business is running smoothly, So with all the advantages of running your own company, being Self-Employed can sometimes present challenges when you try to apply for a mortgage.

Don't go alone.

Never say never

Nothing is ever impossible, but finding the right lender can take time
and cost your money, if not done correctly. That’s where Ur -mortgage can help. We use our knowledge & expertise to find the right lender, that will be willing to help you get the mortgage you deserve. We are dedicated to the self-employed, whether you are a Sole
Trader or a Director of your own Limited Company.

Time doesn't matter

So whether you have run your business for years or you just have one year's accounts, we will find a lender that will take into consideration your circumstances.

Will I get a Self
Employed Mortgage

If you’re self-employed you might feel a little anxious about getting a mortgage. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly possible to be your own boss and get a mortgage for a new home.

You may just need to provide a little more information to the mortgage lender to show that you can keep up your monthly repayments.

It’s important to note that there’s no such thing as a ‘self-employed mortgage’ – you’ll be applying for the same mortgage as anyone else.

If you apply with someone who’s not self-employed, it could help your chances of being accepted for a mortgage.

Who do you work with

Limited Company Directors
Self Employed – Partners or Sole Traders
Contractors – Tradesmen, It Consultants,

Business Meeting

Let us help you, Don't do this on your own.

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